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LARGE SEVAN - #SoGoneChallenge by Sterling Evans

Last Friday, Largé decided to try his hand at the viral #SoGoneChallenge popularized by Chance the Rapper. In a witty 40-second verse, he laid out his feelings for the special woman in his life.

It's been awhile since Sevo dropped some new music, but he's hard at work on (two!) projects that are both slated to be released in 2016. Hopefully this helps ease the wait a bit. #SuperSevo

The 'LARGE Pocket Tee in Black' Is On Sale NOW! by Sterling Evans

Rashard for LARGE, sporting the LARGE Pocket Tee in Black.

The day has finally come! You can now purchase the first piece of the LARGE SS16' collection here! As a special treat for the loyal fans, the piece is being offered at a 20% discount this weekend only using the promo code 'largelaunch16'. This promo code expires on 5/30 at 11:59PM, so act fast to save a few dollars! 

You can also visit the Shop section of to view all products, but right now this is the sole product available. There are many more pieces in the works so stay tuned and make sure to visit the site for anymore updates and releases!

Andy Visa & Large Sevan - Money (Remix) by Sterling Evans

This is the first song Large Sevan has released in 2016.

The first single from my next project Super Sevo. Originally released by Andy V last year, Money became our song when I hopped on it...Everything, from the verses, to the adlibs, to the hook, make this song perfect for those Sunday cruises with the top down and all the monies in your pocket. #GetTheMuthafuckin

The New & Improved by Sterling Evans is back. After a long hiatus...we at it again. 'Super Sevo' is coming this summer. The new single drops on my birthday. The Creeporation is now '20.SUMN'. The first tee from the inaugural LARGE SS16 collection drops this month also. Alot has changed since the last time ya'll heard from Sevo.

The 'Large' tee, coming soon to