LARGE SEVAN - Wake Up (Official Music Video) / by Sterling Evans

Watch the official music video of "Wake Up" by LARGE SEVAN, shot by Broken Wings Media.

This Sunday, Sevo surprised us with a new video for the track "Wake Up", off his latest album LARGE. Wake Up is unlike than any of his other songs, as the song has Sevo pleading with the masses to take a chance on themselves, by going against everything the system instilled in you. The message in the video was made clear on Sevo's IG page..."You are a spiritual being, having a physical experience". Even though we are all unique, we share a collective consciousness on this planet, and it is imperative that we learn to live with, and love one another, regardless of race or religion, as we are not enemies. The world is changing. The narrative is changing. The people of Earth are finally beginning to #WakeUp. Press play to initiate [deprogramming sequence].